Free Pascal supports a new platform

Sinclair QL. Maybe not the platform we have all been waiting for. But still..

Adding support for a new platform is a good way for new compiler-developers to learn how the Free Pascal code works internally. This time, however, the Sinclair-port was made by Karoly Balogh, better known as Charlie/ChainQ, member of the core-team of Free Pascal developers. Specialized in Free Pascal on all kind of retro-computers, especially m68k based.

Charlie is always active in the retro-community and found a retro-channel that declared November to be “QLvember”, to commemorate the machine called the Sinclair QL. That drew his attention to the Sinclair QL and knowing that people are keeping this platform active, he decided to attempt to port Free Pascal to the platform and finally published his work.

Charlie’s work was quickly discovered by some Sinclair enthusiasts at the QL Forum. They were immediately happy with the support of a modern compiler for the old platform and tried to build the compiler themselves. They succeeded with each others help and eventually Charlie joined them to join forces and get more stuff fixed.

Sinclair enthusiasts, welcome to the Free Pascal community.