With a donation you do not only help the Free Pascal and Lazarus teams, but the whole Pascal community.

The Free Pascal and Lazarus development teams do not take donations directly. What you can do is support one of the developers directly or donate to the Free Pascal and Lazarus foundation. The foundation has a list of projects they funded and projects they might sponsor in the future.

Want to help Joost develop for FPC?

Like others Joost van der Sluis works on the Free Pascal Compiler and Lazarus on his free time, combined with some paid work. His goal is to raise enough funds to be able to work on Free Pascal one extra full day every week.

Parts of FPC that will benefit from the donations.

All FPC developers have their own expertise and projects. Joost van der Sluis spends most his time on the following:

  1. Manage and following up on bug reports and patches for the rtl and other FPC packages.
  2. The FPPKG packages repository
  3. Full threading-support for the FPDebug debugger (A debugger that can be used by Lazarus)
  4. Support for evaluating properties (getters and setters) in the FPDebug debugger
  5. Finish the attributes-support
  6. Utility classes for web-based projects

It is possible to support this work by giving Joost a donation.


I prefer to receive monthly donations through Liberapay. Because it offers the possibility to monthly donations and is completely open-source.

Every amount is fine. When every Free Pascal user donates €2 to one of the developers or the foundation, Lazarus and Free Pascal will improve significantly.