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About this site

This site is made to help promote Free Pascal and Lazarus. The goal is to provide new users a good overview of both projects in an easy way. This is not the official Lazarus or Free Pascal website. Those can be found here (Lazarus, Free Pascal).


About us

This page is maintained by CNOC vof, a Dutch company which offers commercial support for Lazarus and Free Pascal. Our goal is to provide companies the help they need to use Free Pascal and Lazarus for their work. At the same time we want to help the development of these open source projects to move forward by providing patches and help where we can.

Java-bytecode target  added to the Free Pascal compiler.

August 20, 2011

A new target has been added to Free Pascal compiler. It is now possible to compile applications to Java bytecode. This means that these Free Pascal applications can run in a Java Virtual Machine (JVM), so that it can run on any platform that has Java support.

Dutch Pascal conference 2011.

June 12, 2011

After the success from last year, the Dutch Pascal Users Group organizes the second Dutch Pascal Conference on June 18th. Last year it was mainly focused on Lazarus, this year there will also be some topics about Delphi.