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Similar to shares of stock in a publicly traded company, the price of a given cryptocurrency is a reflection of supply and demand. The company road map of a cryptocurrency is a time line of events that shows the expected progress of the project. Typically shown on a line graph, the road map should have clear and concise milestones broken down on a quarterly basis, all moving the project toward a predefined set of goals. Cryptocurrencies are typically created by a team of founders and software developers that help create the solution to a problem. To better understand how a project could perform, you should research the professional experience of the team running the project.

pros and cons of White Label crypto exchange

Are you using the coin solely to generate returns, or are you hoping to pay for things with it, too? Is it just about the money, or are you looking to invest in a coin with a broader social or environmental impact? It’s the original cryptocurrency and the one which has built up the largest information base as well. Cryptocurrencies might not have the risks that come with using central intermediaries, but that doesn’t mean they’re completely free from security issues. As a crypto owner, you could lose the private key that lets you access your coins—and with it, all your holdings.


Once you make an entry in the blockchain, it can never be erased. And with the blockchain stored decentrally across multiple computers, no hacker can access the entire chain in one go; any information stored in it is safe for good. A White Label bitcoin trading platform can be customised to match the needs of a given business.

For example, in the US, an exchange must have a dedicated anti-money laundering officer on its staff. KYT – The process involves checking the sources of funds and transactions that a user makes on a cryptocurrency exchange. It can also block funds and block transactions if the sources are considered suspicious.

A customizable order routing and management system, coupled with an intuitive matching engine balances robustness and flexibility for APEX users. True to the principles of decentralization, OpenDAX libraries and toolkits are not governed by centralized entities, assuring a high degree of censorship resistance and privacy. Furthermore, a proactive developer and beta tester’s community ensures that white-label offerings are bug-free, resilient, and transparent. OpenLedger’s customer support is available 24×7, assisting promptly with technical consultation, maintenance, periodic updates, as well as related customizations and extension support. In terms of the white label’s competence, review the available currency and deposit options, apart from its scalability quotient and promised transaction speed.

People began mining, buying, and trading all manner of cryptocurrencies in hopes that this trend will continue and they’ll be able to profit from it. The modules are ready-made, which eliminates the need to build from scratch. You could save the time and money that you would have spent on additional development processes. Owning an exchange means earning revenues from fees, transaction costs, ads, and others. The business model is relatively stable, although you will need to work out a way to get enough users. The rationale for building a crypto exchange is quite extensive.

Unlike decentralized exchanges, the centralized crypto exchange does it all for you with an efficient exchange software that is built to work automatically on the blockchain. Decentralized exchanges allow automatic swap of assets between blockchains. They allow you to trade with your fund in your wallet until the transaction is executed. Owners of the platform can also add digital assets and fiat currency to their products. The matching engine of these exchanges is responsible for connecting and executing bids and ask orders on the website. Businesses can use fiat to crypto and crypto to crypto modes according to their preference.

pros and cons of White Label crypto exchange

Binance is a software that makes it easy for people to start a cryptocurrency exchange portfolio. It allows users to trade a wide variety of cryptocurrencies and peer-to- peer transactions. It also has a support team that’s available to help you whenever you need it. This is available for download on various platforms, including Mac, Linux, and Android devices.

Verification and Authorization of the User

When you make transactions on a crypto exchange, you sell your Bitcoin for whatever fiat is available and make money from purchasing it earlier at a lower price. Thanks to advanced peer-to-peer technology, it is possible for anybody to transfer and receive funds anywhere today. A public ledger, also known as a blockchain, keeps track of all crypto transactions that involve money transfers. Nonetheless, white labels might not suit your purpose and you might need to build your cryptocurrency exchange from scratch.

  • Make sure the White Label Bitcoin Exchange reaches its competitive potential.
  • Its primary task is ensuring customers sign up and that trading goes smoothly.
  • It works on a peer-to-peer basis, so users can send and receive payments directly from others.
  • Crypto exchanges are intermediaries between buyers & sellers and make money through commissions and transaction fees.
  • Integrate our software under the domain of your consulting company and sell directly to your customers online.

Another perk of the White Label Crypto Trading Platform is that investors can handle all financial assets under one roof. Despite all this, there are still many factors that affect the selection of a cryptocurrency exchange. Due to some financial intermediaries, people buy stocks at high prices. However, the emergence of digital assets has now reduced the role of brokers.

That and they also provide a multi-sig cold wallet and encrypted hot wallets to secure users’ funds. You will get a robust matching engine to facilitate trades, for instance. That, and you’ll see a streamlined process for adding or removing trading pairs with ease. To set up a reliable cryptocurrency exchange or crypto exchange software, you must consider the various verification and KYC procedures, that will protect holders against scams. You should also set up good customer support that is both multilingual and efficient.

What Is a Blockchain Wallet and How Does It Work?

It’s capped at 21 million coins, it’s guaranteed to be inflation-proof, and its headline-grabbing prices certainly offer investors scope for reaping rewards. And Bitcoin is the most widely accepted cryptocurrency for payments. And because it’s the best-known cryptocurrency of them all, it’s a key target for hackers and scammers of all stripes. For more insight about Bitcoin, check out our article What is Bitcoin?.

pros and cons of White Label crypto exchange

The number of digital currency hot wallets and cold wallets is also on the increase. The number of hot and cold wallets globally reached over 74 billion in 6 months. In the face of these growths, crypto traders and holders will need secured and convenient platforms to store their funds. Before we talk a bit more about setting up your exchange, let’s look at what a cryptocurrency exchange is in detail to learn more.

The blockchain technology underlying cryptocurrency is inherently secure

It is well known that the modern financial sector is one of the most competitive businesses in the world. Financial operations are no longer working the same way they did in the past. If you are not going with an open-source solution you may find the cost hard to justify. In addition, some solutions are overly complicated and difficult to manage. Deep liquidity with integrations and APIs for external exchanges. An in-built and algorithmically audited mechanism enables secure, risk-analyzed, and crypto-based lending for short and medium terms.

pros and cons of White Label crypto exchange

Their goal is to protect their users from price reversals and ensure that they have the necessary flexibility. While both WebSocket APIs and REST have several use cases, FIX provides a comprehensive solution that is particular to trading of digital financial assets. FIX is the connectivity protocol specifically designed for White Label crypto exchange global financial markets. Not every platform can scale while the number of traders and trading volume is soaring putting a heavy load on the system. Our solutions are modular and scale up with your business, so we fully justify our name. With APIs, integrate your crypto exchange’s liquidity position with other businesses.

Our experience spans several years in crypto wallet integration blockchain solutions, and software development solutions. In blockchain technology alone, we have written thousands of lines of ergonomic codes that remain relevant in the future and require minor updates or tweaking. Our solution also supports different cryptocurrencies and the user’s private keys remain secure with two-factor authentication, and other technical precautions.

Top cryptocurrency exchange software features

Researching the reputation of the team and leadership of a cryptocurrency can help investors understand if the crypto project is reputable or not. Joining the community Discord or Telegram channel can help you learn more about the community of a given cryptocurrency, as well as get your questions answered about the project itself. If there is a large community base that is well-organized and frequently promotes the project, this could be a sign of a growing cryptocurrency. If there is sparse engagement and no substantive discussion on any community platforms, this is a red flag.


It means you can decide which features and instruments you want to have in your financial product and which are not needed. You have a unique chance to create the white label product of your imagination and find quick solutions to all your issues. Moreover, it is a great solution that saves time and effort while still getting a tailored white label gateway for your project.

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Like Skalex, Infinite Block Tech also pushes security when it comes to development. When it launched its white label exchange solution, it highlighted the crypto industry’s history with severe hacks. As the name implies, white-label means a product or service made by one company that another company can purchase and rebrand according to their preference and needs. As the cryptocurrency market keeps growing, the demand for exchanges will be on the rise. As existing exchanges try to increase liquidity to meet up with the growing demand of their users, there will be an opportunity to hop onto the market.

What is a White Label Payment Gateway?

The trading engine can process up to 30,000 transactions per second. In the last few years, crypto exchanges have seen the highest rise in trading volume. The number of digital assets and cryptocurrency users is increasing every day.

The core of the application also worlds reliably since each customer has already tested the software which guarantees a stable set of functions and features. Cryptocurrency exchanges’ primary function is to provide crypto to crypto and crypto to fiat pairs to their customers. Exchanges working with cryptocurrencies do not offer CFD trading. It means that you do not receive the difference between making and selling BTC, as we mentioned above.