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If you use a Mac or Linux you can use the Mono project to use ASP.NET. PHP is open-source and its pool of developers is far larger than ASP.NET . Both boast vibrant communities that post regularly to online forums, so if you are looking for answers to problems, you’re likely to find both communities helpful. In this blog post, we have unbiasedly compared the two most popular technologies, i.e.


I ‘d been working with Dreamweaver CS4 , but my harddisk said ‘bye’ a month ago, and coding with notepad++ is a bad substitude. I like how easy it is to publish sites and edit them quickly. After you install your application, there is now a customizable dashboard, designed specifically for your app type. That means that WebMatrix knows you’re using WordPress and will show you stuff that WordPress folks care about. Node.js uses a variety of rendering engines for writing views.

Pros And Cons Of Asp Net Development

While the ASP.NET community comprises dedicated developers, fewer support contributors are willing and able to post to the forums and answer questions about ASP.NET challenges. Translating low-level concepts can be hard, especially without direct mapping between the two ways of asp net usage working. In the PeachPie blog, the design team shows how they have managed the transition between a relatively basic concept in PHP and the resulting CIL code. There’s also the issue of going from a loosely typed environment like PHP to one that’s strongly typed by default.

We would say that this simple and user-friendly programming framework is something that anyone with little or no technical knowledge or IT background can grasp quickly. So, when we interact with our clients we provide them with an outline of how PHP works and we are pleased to know that it impresses them. As you know PHP doesn’t take up the system resources in abundance which makes it easy for PHP to operate at a speed faster than other scripting languages.

But allows them to use modules, which is sometimes forced by the managed code system, to work together. This, in turn, makes development, testing & deploying apps much more seamless and quicker. It might be pretty challenging to select the right technology stack when it comes to web development.

PHP is one of the widely used scripting languages, and developers are addicted to it. On the other hand, we have ASP.NET language that has Microsoft as its backup bearer and can be operated across any .NET supported language. Laravel is a straightforward cross-platform PHP framework that developers use to build web applications. Talking about the speed, no other programming language can beat the speed of PHP. It does not take up the resources in abundance, so it makes it easier for it to operate faster than another scripting language. It is great to work with a framework or language that provides complete flexibility.

Python is widely used in AI, data science, and the scientific community, whereas PHP is the language of choice for web development. You can easily find the source code of a website by looking at its code. You can find Web Developer in your menu in Chrome and Developer Tools in Firefox. You can find out what type of platform the website is built on by looking at the source code’s file extensions and URLs.

ASP.NET is made for windows platforms primarily, thus it has a heavy dependence on the platform. When it comes to using ASP.NET, it is important for developers to use Microsoft Visual Studio during the development process. While the ASP.NET community comprises dedicated developers with fewer collaborators who can post to forums and answer questions about ASP.NET issues.

  • We do not doubt that both of these technologies have become successful ventures and developed great websites.
  • Therefore, it is vital to take time and assess the needs of your project.
  • A PHP application that runs on Linux power performs better than asp.net that is hosted on the Windows operating system.
  • As there is no interruption, the speed remains the same.
  • The ease with which PHP operates has been creating quite a fuss among the programming language community that is always on the hunt for challenges.
  • Being open-source, PHP offers complete freedom to PHP developers from writing code using text editors such as Emacs, Notepad++, Bluefish, jEdit, and the Notepad you use.

PHP is free and open source software, which was originally invented by Resmus Lerdorf around 1995. Medium and small-scale businesses are using PHP web applications, as hosting and deployment costs are cheaper. Many development tools are available freely for the development of PHP applications. When it comes to the deployment time, PHP takes lesser time because it uses less number of lines of code to implement even a complex scenario. As the code is interpreted at the server, there is no need of additional steps on a code change, results less development time. PHP runs on many HTML servers and compatible with MySQL, which is free and open source database management system.

How To Compile Java Using Php?

It is highly scalable and you can easily customize it according to your need. PixelCrayons provides advanced and powerful software solutions that can be customized as per specific business needs. Please use ide.geeksforgeeks.org, generate link and share the link here.

This framework powers many different Microsoft products and is proven effective for websites. It is highly effective at accessing and communicating with various database types. This makes it perfect for web-based scripts, such as website content management systems. Software development company in India, we have made this task easy for you by comparing ASP.Net and PHP in a very simple way.

You can care about the intricacies of the new platform later. I’ve been playing around with WebMatrix2 for a while now… I’ve also been using node for some postbuild scripts, and some one off utilities writing in VS.. Suggestion if you want to use MS-SQL in node, use the tedious module which is less cumbersome than the MS preview module/driver. If you’re interested in extending WebMatrix 2, there is a new SDK that allows anyone to add new features or functionality.

For example, if you are an entrepreneur and want to develop with Drupal, PHP is the perfect choice over ASP.NET. It is better to select the programming language by evaluating its performances under different circumstances. Those can be outputting the results, accessing and querying the databases, retrieving the file systems, finding an image and sending it to a web server, etc. The coding language interacts with the database and the webserver to provide the required results in the above situation.

Therefore, making your final ASP.NET vs. PHP choice primarily depends on the technology sides impacting the app’s overall functionality. PHP applications tend to run slower than apps compared to those developed with other programming languages. The result is a tool that shows off the capabilities of the .NET platform, going beyond Microsoft’s own languages and tools. At the same time, architects and development managers can maximize available resources on a single platform without requiring expensive and time-consuming training. Old code gets to run on new systems, and new code gets to build on decades of PHP experience.

PHP is compatible with different platforms such as Linux, UNIX, Windows and almost everything you would use it for. Therefore, PHP is supported by numerous IDE’s available for free and paid as well. Using ASP.NET involves a time-consuming process as ASP has to be complied with every time to ensure modifications in the code.

Why Software Development Companies Must Build A Portal And Not A Website?

So now, let’s have a detailed comparison on PHP Vs. Asp.Net based on different criteria. You can customize it according to your needs, and it is highly scalable. I’ve been developing in C#, .NET, ASP.NET since it was in BETA version.


Probably the most notorious social media web application, Facebook was developed primarily with PHP. It has more than 1.49 billion active users.It is a list of articles on Wikipedia…You can find Tumblr on the Internet.I use Slack. I use it for my business.I found Etsy.The WordPress platform is used. But, when it comes to ASP.Net the situation is different.

How Do I Know My Framework?

Castle MonoRail, an open-source MVC framework with an execution model similar to Ruby on Rails. The framework is commonly used with Castle ActiveRecord, an ORM layer built on NHibernate. SignalR – A real-time communications framework for bi-directional communication between client and server. Python language can be integrated with Java, C, and C++ programming code.

Has a mature framework due to having task-based libraries. Whether it requires to edit an image or XML, developers share ample of time doing things. ASP.NET is a web development framework by Microsoft and typically uses C#.

In contrast, PHP is such an extensively used language that many friendly developers are active on different platforms and willing to provide free advice and guidance to those who ask for it. The developer is saying that it will be best to re-design it on .net. Or can I just keep using the WordPress and save a bit of cash. I have a Linux server and will have to buy a windows hosting to use the .net option. If you are looking to hire a lead developer or team of developers to build your website, then you should defer to the best available talent. Whether that talent works in PHP or ASP.NET should only matter if your company culture veers towards using one language or the other already.

Php Vs Asp Net: How To Choose The Right One?

Python also offers support for modules and packages, which allows system modularity and code reuse. Getting started with PeachPie is quick; it installs as a Visual Studio extension from the Visual Studio Marketplace, adding a set of templates to the New Project dialog. You can use this to start building a PHP-enabled ASP.NET application or a new library so your existing back-end code can be called from PHP. Once you open a new project, PeachPie will download its dependencies, and you can start coding.

Can I Use Php On WordPress?

Those that know me, know that I go with PHP 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In fact, all of my computational biology programs are written in this vastly superior server-side language. Your detailed explanations make the decision easier, to work with WebMatrix 2 in the future.

Ques What Are The Advantages Of Php Over Other Scripting Languages?

Provide various tools and functions to support programming. There is a large community of dedicated PHP developers around the world. 2- Stating the “free, open source and large support” thing, subtly leading the reader to favor php due to low cost and the factor of ….

Asp.net is popular no doubt, but over the years, it has seen a marginal decline as compared to the popularity of PHP. Most PHP developers use text editors like notepad++ and VIM. It also supports the IDE feature that also provides full support from the community. If you need to use IDE in asp.net, it requires a Microsoft Visual Studio.

On the contrary, ASP.NET avoids irregularities in the code and limits the business applications to write better or easier code. We do not doubt that both these technologies have become thriving ventures and have built many wonderful websites. However, any company beginning the web development project can come across this general question – ASP.NET vs. PHP – which one is better? I hope the above differentiation parameters between the two languages help you choose the best one per your needs and requirements. If you are unsure, you can contact a renowned and reputed IT consulting company to help you decide between the two as per the web application development requirements.