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Visit to the Delphi Developer Days

May 16, 2011

Today I visited the first of the two Delphi Developer Days in Amsterdam. Cary Jensen and Marco Cantu were giving lectures about several aspects of Delphi. Bob Swart was there as a guest speaker and Pawel Glowacki from Embarcadero was there for a keynote.

Delphi cross-platform support is years behind Lazarus.

Pawel told more about the Delphi Roadmap. This year's new Delphi version will finally support 64 bit on Windows, like Free Pascal does since September 2007. And there will be the possibility to cross-compile to Mac OS/X. Delphi itself will not run on OS/X though. A year later it might be possible to build 32 bit Linux server applications. And in the far future full 32 and 64 bit support for Mac OS/X and Linux is planned. And maybe even ARM. In short: within three years Delphi may have the cross-platform functionality Lazarus has today.

Existing VCL Delphi applications will not run on OS/X with Delphi.

Even when Delphi supports OS/X you won't be able to compile your existing applications on Mac OS/X. Maybe you remember how Embarcadero is always emphasizing that, unlike Microsoft, their products have always been backwards compatible. Your Delphi 1 application from 1993 may still work Delphi XE. But if you want to deploy on OS/X, this is no longer the case. You will have to rebuild your application using the new 'VCL Plus' which isn't backwards compatible, despite it's name. So probably it will be easier to run your VCL applications on OS/X by switching to Lazarus, then waiting for the new Delphi release.

3D components?

Pawel also shortly mentioned that the technology bought from KSDev will be used in VCL Plus. Last winter I demonstrated the KSDev components on OS/X and Lazarus. Those were based on openGL and they look impressive. Probably that is what the new VCL Plus will bring us. But it will throw away backwards compatibility.

But was there any good news?

Well, despite my criticism, it is good to see that Embarcadero is putting this much effort in Delphi. That they present a clear roadmap with no false promises, but with a steady upgoing line. And I learned why Delphi has the 'run without debugging' feature so prominently in the main menu. Cary Jensen said he had to run without debugging, or else he couldn't show us the code. And it is commonly know that the Delphi debugger changes from a full-featured IDE in some sort of Notepad as soon you start the debugger. I never realized that to overcome this problem, the 'run without debugging' can be used...


  • Marcos Paulo , on 5 January, 2013 at 15:29 said:

    Hello I so far I use Delphi for software personnel that work, but I was very disheartened by the changes and frustrated Borland and now Embarcadero, I realize that they only target the $ money and not the quality of the product; They seem to have a closed vision of our reality living in a world inreal know-there; because of this, I began a thorough study of Lazarus because I see that it is more stabilized despite some bugs still persist; Already have a month I am using for the migration of my software and yet had few problems mainly with code that is 99 ompatible with delphi, the components will have to adapt because the lazarus does not support as many found in delphi (SQLDataSet, DataSetProvider among others).


    Anyway I congratulate them for the great job they are doing with Lazarus. presizarem and some support that I can give just ask!


    And excuse the spelling is that I'm in Brazil and do not speak much English




        Marcos Paulo dos Santos

        (IT Consultant)


        E-mail: @ m.p.s

  • Jennifer Powell , on 27 June, 2014 at 17:54 said:

    I have a few questions for the experts regarding Delphi XE (XE6 specifically it it matters).


    1. Why does Delphi XE require J#?

    2. Why does Delphi XE require a network connection to a Mac or running in a virtual machine on a Mac?

    3. The mention of VCL Plus interests me. I can't seem to find any reference to it on the Embarcadero site. Please explain if you can.




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