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From an article in the Blaise Pascal Newsletter from Zeljan Rikalo, November 2010


This article can be read completely in the English Blaise Pascal Newsletter, issue 13.


This article illustrates the enormous progress Lazarus has made because of the dedicated work of the core developer team: it shows Nowadays Lazarus is in many ways on a par with Delphi. In several key areas it is way ahead of Delphi (64 bit compiled executables, multi-platform and multi-OS, allows development on mobile and embedded systems).


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At the same time – business problems arose with Kylix & Delphi programming and the company management considered moving our thought about to move the complete codebase to Java or .Net . When the management decided this change must be made quickly I objected.

I was not very happy with that. Not because of the applications, but because of all the third party components used in our applications (ZeosLib, FastReports, TMS grids, VirtualTrees etc). I said that we would need a lot of time and resources to move our code to Java or .Net and the result of that operation was not reassuring. I was disturbed by these business decisions (and already had in mind to change the job), so at one day I asked the chief if they could agree to let me spend some time developing code using Lazarus, and in the next few months I showed some of our apps running on Qt4.


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The Goal is reached – Lazarus is better now than Kylix 3 and we started to deploy Lcl LCL applications over more than 3,500 at customers’ sites.

User impressions were positive since our apps looks native on all platforms. A few dozen of Mac OSX users were also happy since we give them native apps for the first time (they used Parallels linux VM). WOW, what a glorious day. We just did not need the Borland products anymore.

Now our complete range of software is developed using FPC/Lazarus and uses PostgreSQL RDBMS:
1. HoloERP – ERP system with > 400 modules (forms)
2. Cafeman – Caffe bars & restaurants backoffice and POS system
3. TSuS – small shops backoffice & POS system
4. Cinema – software for cinemas (reservations, tickets etc)
5. ArhStudio – architects documentation database.

All of those these applications use the following 3rd party components:
· ZeosLib
· FastReports (ported CLX)
· TMS Grids (ported CLX, but also we licensed the newest VCL and ported it also)
· TMS Planner (ported CLX, later VCL)
· FlexCell (licensed LCL , yes there's LCL version)
· Our custom components


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Zeljan Rikalo

HoloBit Business Solutions


Java-bytecode target  added to the Free Pascal compiler.

August 20, 2011

A new target has been added to Free Pascal compiler. It is now possible to compile applications to Java bytecode. This means that these Free Pascal applications can run in a Java Virtual Machine (JVM), so that it can run on any platform that has Java support.

Dutch Pascal conference 2011.

June 12, 2011

After the success from last year, the Dutch Pascal Users Group organizes the second Dutch Pascal Conference on June 18th. Last year it was mainly focused on Lazarus, this year there will also be some topics about Delphi.